Chapter 7. The Prosecution

Article 117.

1. The Office of the Prosecutor General of the Nagano Karabakh Republic represents a unified, centralized system, headed by the Prosecutor General.

2. The National Assembly appoints the Prosecutor General for a period of six years upon the recommendation of the President of the Republic. The same person may not be appointed Prosecutor General for more than two consecutive terms.

3. The Prosecutor General shall not engage in any other state or local self-government bodies, trade organizations, entrepreneurial activity as well as any other paid occupation, with exception of scientific, educational and creative work. The Prosecutor General shall not be a member of any political party.

4. The President of the Republic as stipulated by law may remove the Prosecutor General from office by majority vote of the total number of members of the National Assembly.

Article 118.

1.The Office of the Prosecutor General in situations prescribed by law and in accordance with procedures provided by law:

1.1) shall initiate criminal prosecution;

1.2) shall oversee the legality of preliminary inquires and investigations;

1.3) shall present the case for prosecution in court;

1.4) shall bring actions in court to defend the interests of the state;

1.5) shall appeal the judgments, verdicts and decisions;

1.6) shall oversee the execution of sentences and the legality of other sanctions.

2. The Office of the Prosecutor General shall operate within the powers vested in it by the Constitution and on the basis of the law.