Chapter 8. The Defender of Human Rights

Article 119.

1. The Ombudsman is an independent official who defends the human rights of the citizens and freedoms against the state and local self-government bodies and officials.

2. Law stipulates the procedure of the activities of the Ombudsman.

Article 120.

1. The National Assembly appoints the Ombudsman for a period of six years by at least three fifths of the votes of the total number of its members. The same person shall not serve more than two consecutive terms as Ombudsman.

2. The Ombudsman is irremovable.

3. The Ombudsman shall not engage in any other official state and local self-government bodies, trade organizations, entrepreneurial activity, as well as any paid occupation, with the exception of scientific, educational and creative work. The Ombudsman shall not be a member of any political party.

4. The Ombudsman enjoys the immunity specified for the Deputies. Law stipulates other guarantees for his/her activities.

5. In cases prescribed by law, the National Assembly by a vote of a simple majority of its members may remove the Ombudsman from the office.