About Artsakh Republic

General Information

The National Flag of the NKR represents a right-angled cloth with three horisontal stripes on it: the upper-red, the middle- blue, and the lower- orange, the breadth of each of them is 20 centimeters. There is a white five-toothed stepped carpet pattern on the Flag which begins from the two verges of the cloth’s right side and is connected on one-third of the Flag. The ratio of the Flag’s breadth to its length is 1:2 [60 120 centim.]

The State Emblem of the NKR depicts an eagle with extended wings below the parting rays of the sun and the crown of Artashesids dynasty. In the centre against a background of the National Flag of the NKR and mountain Kirs, a picture of the sculpture"We and our Mountains" is portrayed. Below, in the claws of the eagle there are bunch of grapes, mulberries, and ears of wheat. In the upper semicircle there is an Armenian inscription: "The Nagorno- Karabakh Republic-- Artsakh.

National Anthem of NKR


We are building free and independent 
Artsakh like a fortress,
The history of my state is written by
Sacred blood of heroes

You are sacred shrine for ages
Stands as an invincible stronghold
God protected Artsakh
You make eternity real

Our Fatherland is our light
A temple of love in supplications and hearts
Following precepts of forefathers
Let peace always be in Karabagh!

We are brave descendants of Haik
Like Mrav, Kirs and everlasting Terter
With our temples in high mountains
Keep our country invincible.