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Some programs for reforming the healthcare system were discussed with the State Minister


On September 3, Artsakh Republic State Minister Artak Beglaryan held a consultation on healthcare system reform programs, which was attended by Minister of Healthcare Mikayel Hayriyan, Advisor to the State Minister Ara Babloyan, Coordinator of the Professional Council attached to the Ministry Aramayis Galumyan and heads of some medical institutions. Reference was made to the development of the five-year strategy project for the development of the healthcare system, on which the State Minister instructed to finish the discussions of the working groups and finalize the project in a short period of time, so that the measures resulting from the strategy can be prepared and implemented in the next stage. "One of the main directions of the health care system is management and financing, the reforms of which should be carried out in the first stage, which will positively affect the quality of the system, both from the aspect of the health worker and the citizens. Medical workers should receive incentive and fair remuneration, and such mechanisms should be introduced that will ensure full state-ordered medical care, excluding the phenomena of shadow payment”, noted Artak Beglaryan. Minister of Healthcare Mikayel Hayriyan presented the works and results on the discussed issues, and Ara Babloyan and Aramais Galumyan presented their approaches and proposals, expressing their willingness to continuously support the implementation of the planned programs. The State Minister gave a number of instructions to the Ministry of Healthcare, emphasizing the need to include all capable and willing circles and to strictly observe the deadlines.

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