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Dear applicants

Please, get acquainted with the order of applications' reception and discussion, sent to the NKR Government by e-mail, attentively.

The order of discussing applications sent by citizens to the official website of the NKR Government

  1. The NKR Government's official website is an additional means of addressing the citizens' applications to the NKR Government.
  2. The citizens' e-mail applications sent by means of the NKR Government's official website are perfected in the Secretariat of the NKR Government's Staff.
  3. In accordance with the acting legislation, applications sent by e-mail are readdressed to the corresponding executive bodies or organizations directly competent for the solution, not later than in 5-days term, regardless the aroused questions.
  4. E-mail applications (inquiries) containing incomplete or non precise references about applicants will not be viewed.
  5. The Secretariat of the NKR Government's Staff is authorized to specify the inquiry sent in defined order, as well as, applications' contents in case of necessity.
  6. Applications' (inquiries) answers, as a rule are sent to the applicants by e-mail.
  7. Information about citizens' personal data sending applications by e-mail is preserved and perfected in accordance with the demands of the NKR legislation.


E-mail applications and letters, sent to the Secretariat of the NKR Government Staff, inappropriate to the above mentioned order, will not be viewed.