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AR State Minister Grigory Martirosyan's congratulatory message on New Year and Christmas

AR State Minister Grigory Martirosyan's  congratulatory message on New Year and Christmas

30.12.2019 - Dear compatriots The year 2019 comes to an end.

Prime Minister A.Haroutyunyan’s congratulatory message to “Azat Artsakh”

Prime Minister A.Haroutyunyan’s congratulatory message to “Azat Artsakh”

27.06.2013 - I congratulate whole-heartedly the editorial staff and the reading public of “Azat Artsakh” in view of 90th jubilee of the newspaper. Though the newspaper had different names and preached other system of values, it had incessantly rendered useful service to our people being a regularly published press in Armenian expressing state’s and society’s interests. The newspaper’s activity is estimated highly especially in the years of Artsakh liberating...

NKR Prime Minister A.Haroutyunyan’s Congratulatory Message in View of April 7

07.04.2013 - Dear women, mothers and sisters Accept my warm congratulations in view of this wonderful springtime holiday – Mothers and Beauty Day. Motherly love, care and blessing are the most cherished guardian-power attending us during our life. April 7 is a new chance of glorifying maternity and beauty. We give you our love once again emphasizing our deep gratitude. On Virgin Mary’s annunciation day I wish all the kind powers protect you. One of the main concerns of the state is...

New year congratulatory message of NKR Prime Minister

31.12.2012 - Dear people of Artsakh Accept my sincere congratulations in view of a Merry Christmas and a New Year. Let me wish you be healthy and prosperous and the coming year be commemorated with kind events. Both for the Government and personally for me it is an issue of principle and honour that every inhabitant of Artsakh has sufficient modern conditions for living and working. At present the main projects of executive body are dedicated to the development of economy, agriculture and...

Prime Minister’s congratulatory message to the trade union officials

24.12.2012 - I would like to extend sincere congratulations on the occasion of trade –union officials day. Your activity is very important nowadays, when social tension still exists and a worker needs protection. The Government considers labour unions as a good copartner with whom it must realize many common functions. In particular, joint efforts should be made to fulfill the requirements of the NKR legislation in full scale. Urgent duty of the labour union is to lead the employers within the...